Braces Treatment


Teeth treatment is a method used to remove deformities that occur after the removal of permanent teeth that are removed after the milk teeth are cast.

Disorders in the tooth alignment that occur in childhood can be determined after the molar teeth and anterior teeth have been removed and completed.

Braces are a method used to remove the irregularities and jaw disorders of the teeth that occur in childhood. Structurally, when the mouth closes, the teeth must be completely overlapping. The braces continue to be treated until this condition is achieved. This period usually ranges from 12 to 18 months when treatment is not interrupted. This period may be extended by the differences in the structure of the skeleton and jawbone.

Braces treatment is a method that can be applied easily to children and adults and you can get accurate results. Braces regulate skewness and tooth spacing certainly does not affect the development of size and smallness during dental development.

Dental Wire Application

The most important element used in braces is brackets. The brackets are made of various materials attached to the teeth. They can be porcelain, metal or composite. The most commonly used brackets are those made of metal. Porcelain brackets are preferred by adults, but they can also be used in any individual who does not want to see the tooth wire.

After the brackets can be placed on the front and front of the teeth and applied to the rear part of the teeth, the wires are attached to these brackets and the process is completed.

A few days after the application of the braces, tears and pain may be felt in the teeth, but this is temporary after the time that the teeth get to the wires.

Considerations after Dental Wire Application

People with braces should definitely pay more attention to oral health than a normal individual. Yellowing and color differences can be seen in the teeth originating from the braces. To prevent this, regular oral care reduces tooth decay and tartar formation. Mouth care and health are more important because people with braces have more tartar formation than normal.

It is recommended that people with braces should stay away from excess acidic foods to avoid damaging the wires. For example, excess acidic foods such as cola can cause serious damage to the braces and damage to teeth, color change and tooth enamel. Even in daily life, it is necessary to reduce acidic foods that should be consumed at a limited level to the minimum level.

It should also pay attention to the consumption of foods that do not adhere to teeth rather than acidic foods. The reason for this is that sticky foods are difficult to clean after sticking to the braces and may also cause teeth to play.

For detailed information about braces treatment, you can reach to the officials of Barsan Health Tourism who is a pioneer in health tourism. It is a treatment method that can be performed regardless of your age since it may cause lack of confidence in teeth structure and form.

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