Laser Lipolysis


Laser lipolysis method of fat intake, body, arm, leg, abdomen, such as the accumulation of fat in a surgical incision without opening the oil is the process of cutting the fat cells.

Lip Aesthetics


Lip aesthetics are operations performed within the scope of aesthetic surgery covering changes in the structure of the lip for any reason.

Eyebrow Removal


Eyebrow lifting process, congenital eyebrows with low eyebrows due to aging or falling over time due to the aging of this region is a combination of aesthetic surgery covering the removal of wrinkles.

Breast Lift Operation


Breast lift operation is a mastopexy performed in the medical literature within the scope of aestheticoperations. Mastopexy is the process of correcting the sagging of breast tissue for any reason and making it anatomically necessary.

Beauty Centers


Beauty centers, medical aes the ticprocedur esare carriedoutin stitutions and organizations.

Aesthetic Prices


The aesthetic prices vary according to the aesthetic operations to be performed. In our country, the most performed operation in the scope of aesthetic surgery is nose surgery and hair transplantation.

Zirconium Coating


Zirconium tooth coating is also slightly different from the metal-supported prosthetic teeth. Zirconium coating can be applied to normal teeth as well as covering the application of zirconium with prostheses.

Infertility Treatment and Prices


Interfetility is a disorder known as infertility among the population. It is a condition that couples should be paid attention in case of not getting pregnant within one year despite their regular relations.

Satin Facial Lift


Satin facial lift is an operation performed by stimulating collagen structures found in the skin without surgery.

Yellow Spot Disease


Yellow spot disease is a disease that occurs in people over 45 years of age and causes vision loss as a result of degeneration of the nerve cells in the back of the eye.

Beard Transplantation


Beard Transplantationis a method that can be applied to people who do not have a beard in certain regions because of any reason that does not scratch their beard or do not properly. It is a method that is very popular with the advancement of hair transplantation techniques.

How To Do Organ Transplantation


Organ transplantation is the process of transplanting part or all of an organ, also known as organ transplantation in the medical language, to the person who needs it.



Lymphedema is also known as elephant disease among the population.

Prosthetic Teeth


Prosthesis is a prosthesis made to perform daily activities such as chewing and speaking to replace teeth lost for any reason.

Braces Treatment


Teeth treatment is a method used to remove deformities that occur after the removal of permanent teeth that are removed after the milk teeth are cast.

How to do hair transplantation


Hair transplantation is an aesthetic operation with different methods of hair loss or dilution. It is named as the whole planting process which is taken from the region where the hair is from a lot to the desired and rare part.

PRP Supported Hair Treatment


PRP-supported hair treatment is a method used for the renewal of cells on a cellular basis. In this method, the liquid obtained from the blood is placed on the bottom of the hair to prevent hair loss, is a process made to thicken the hair strands.

Auto Hair Cloning


Auto hair cloning is also known as hair vaccine. Hair cloning is a special formula consisting of matrix, vitamin, drug and PRP which provides the intercellular connection developed for the solution of hair problems

Obesity Surgery


In recent years, due to the development of technology and the monotonated living standards, obesity is a serious health problem.

What are Dental Implants?


Implants; In the case of dies due to tooth structure or less than the number of teeth normally required, these teeth can be used instead of the dental structure.

Fue Method


The Fue method, Follicular Unit Extraction, is a hair transplantation method known as follicular unitremoval. With the development of technology in hair transplantation technology, it has emerged asan alternative to FUT method in recent years. In this method, which has more advantages than FUT method, it is the method of applying individual hair follicles to the area where hair transplantation is performed rather than taking the hair follicles in block.

Dental Treatment


The teeth are structures similar to the hard bone in the oral cavity, the root part of which is connected to the jawbone and the upper part is exposed.

Skin Care Methods


Skin care can be done in many ways, but medical care is more cosmetic and with definitive results.

Check Up


Check up is defined as the fact that the person undergoes a health check despite having no illness. After 20 years of age, it is necessary to have a regular check up once a year.

How to Make Popo Esthetics


Popo aesthetics is an operation to correct the deformations of dents, flattenings, melts or excessive fat accumulation.

Breast Reduction


Breast reduction operation is the process of cutting and removing breast tissue.

Breast Lift


Breast uplift surgery, also known as mastopexy, is an operation to remove sagging in breast tissue.

How to Make Arm Stretching Surgery


Arm stretching surgery, also known as brachioplasty, is an aesthetic and plastic surgery operation to correct sagging of the arm area and provide an aesthetic appearance to the arm.

Eyelid Aesthetics Prices


Eyelid aesthetics is an aesthetic surgery that involves the removal of excess skin tissue around the eye, called blepharoplasty in medical language.

Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgery, any medical disease or disease is not yet, however, the body differences of all the operations resulting from the desire to reach the perfection is called plastic surgery.

Aesthetic without surgery


Non-surgical aesthetics, normal and done in any part of the body to be opened, and then the process of closure of the part of the operation and then using the needle after the numb operation.