Beard Transplantation


Beard Transplantationis a method that can be applied to people who do not have a beard in certain regions because of any reason that does not scratch their beard or do not properly. It is a method that is very popular with the advancement of hair transplantation techniques.

The development of hair transplantation in our country and the introduction of FUE method in our country has begun. Since the FUT method takes a certain cross-section in hair transplantation, it is not possible to apply the same procedure to the facial area and features of the beard. With FUE method beard cultivation in Turkey it was first performed at the end of 2006. As there was no intervention with the scalpel in the FUT method, significant progress was made in beard transplantation as in hair transplantation with FUE method.

Beard Transplantation Technique

Beard planting techniques such as hair transplantation techniques FUE and FUT methods. The most important feature that distinguishes these methods is the removal of cuts from the skin in the FUT method for grafts with hair follicles, but in the FUE method, subcutaneous grafts can be removed and the skin can be applied without any cuts.

With the technology used in FUE method, pain and pain sensation was reduced and very good results could be obtained in hair transplantation. The roots from the area where the beard is very dense are taken by needleless injection and placed under the skin in the designated areas. After the beard sowing operation, there is no trace and the results are noticeable in a short period of a few weeks.

Beard After Sowing

After sowing the beard, redness may occur in the area where sowing is performed. Although this situation is normal, it is a temporary condition.

After the beard sowing, you should take care not to touch the water for one day and prevent excessive sweat and sweating.

Beard after sunlight to avoid the direct contact with the sun in the shade of the sun to stay in the areas of the benefit of the sea and the pool is recommended not to enter.

It is important for the recovery period to protect this area against shocks for a few weeks.

Beard Transplantation Prices

Beard Transplantation, which can be realized in many cities and in many clinics in our country, is best done in Istanbul. Beard sowing prices that are not properly formed and that can be applied to areas where there are no beards or burns due to certain reasons such as haircuts or haircuts may also vary according to the clinics and the doctor's expertise.

In the beard planting, the price of beard is determined by the amount of beard root grafts are determined. On average, beard sowing prices vary between 1000 TL and 5000 TL according to clinical and doctoral expertise. Prices vary according to the expert and his team, and the number of sessions affects the cost of beard planting. In order to receive this service in the best and most suitable clinics, you can contact the staff of Barsa Health Tourism. Barsan Health Tourism, which is based in Istanbul, organizes the best organization and serves to everyone from domestic and foreign.

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