Auto Hair Cloning


Auto hair cloning is also known as hair vaccine. Hair cloning is a special formula consisting of matrix, vitamin, drug and PRP which provides the intercellular connection developed for the solution of hair problems.

This method, which was previously used for burn and organ regeneration, has been developed since 2008 and is a hair cloning process.

Hair cloning is a method that can be applied to women and men. Males, especially in the early stages of hair loss when applied to prevent the baldness of the effect. This method, which allows you to have thicker and thicker hairs by thickening thin hair strands, is a favorite for women. This method is preferred not only for hair but also for eyebrows and beards.

Hair cloning process, hair loss, those with fine hair, those who have medical problems such as hair breaking, those who are in danger of baldness and those who want to protect the existing hair can be applied. In addition, after the treatment process of cancer patients, and this method can be applied to the specialist doctor and oncology.

Auto Hair Cloning Method

Hair cloning method in addition to the drugs added to the outside of the most important of your own blood PRP is obtained from the preparation of a mixture based on the basis of the substance is based on the preparation. It is a method that accelerates the healing and tissue production by triggering the growth of cells such as root cell treatment in a simpler language. Depending on the region to be cloned, the operation is performed primarily by the local anesthesia procedure so that you do not feel pain. Afterwards, the injection and microneedle device is completed in a single session with an application lasting 1 hour.

PRP preparation is applied to the hair follicles that are targeted during the operation. The mixture that triggers the cells begins immediately during the operation. In this method, the reason for hair cloning is called cloning of the hair follicles around the affected area and the cells stimulated by the injection and growth as healthy hair cells is achieved.

After Auto Hair Cloning

Although hair cloning results are seen in 6 months, a full evaluation is required for 1 year. The success of the operation is a period of 1 year for the cells to renew and regenerate themselves, as well as the exact time required for hair, hair growth.

Auto hair cloning after the hair cloning process again after the positive results are affected.

To be successful in auto hair cloning, you must do after the operation similar to other hair transplantations. The area where hair cloning is not wetted and sweating for the first few days should be avoided. It is also recommended to use a hat to avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

The use of cosmetic products is not recommended as it may damage the regeneration processes of the cells.

Pain and any indications are not expected and you should contact your doctor immediately in such cases.

One of the most important substances after auto hair cloning is to protect this area against impacts. The impacts to this region can damage the new cells and prolong the healing process.

You can also consider the early treatment of your baldness problem with the auto hair cloning method. If you have such a problem in your family and you have a slight symptoms, you can apply this method. For more detailed information on auto hair cloning, visit the website and discuss with Barsan Health Tourism.

With Barsan Health Tourism, you can talk to specialist doctors who perform the best auto-hair transplantation operation and perform your operation. If you are interested in all your needs before and after the operation with Barsan Health Tourism, all you need to do is to call the company officials from the numbers on the contact address of the website.

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