Relaxation and sagging of the sleeves of middle-aged women is quite uncomfortable and prevents the person to wear as desired. To lose weight at an early age can cause these sagging. It is not easy to store this deformity, especially in summer.

VASER liposuction can be used in patients with excess fat and minimal sagging in the arm area, while arm stretching surgery is introduced for advanced sagging. In cases of moderate sagging, mini arm stretching can be performed only under the armpit. However, the problem can be solved by the arm stretching operation, which is added to the elbow from the elbow in further sagging.

Arm stretching operations are performed under general anesthesia and it is necessary to stay in hospital for one night. After 3 weeks, the arm corset is used and you can return to your normal life on the third day.

The most important problem for patients in arm lifting operations is the scar inside the arm. This is normally not visible, but becomes visible when the arms are raised. When deciding on the surgery, it is necessary to answer the question whether your sagging is more disturbing than the scars. If a straight-looking arm will make you happier, you can afford the scars.

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