Aesthetic Prices


The aesthetic prices vary according to the aesthetic operations to be performed. In our country, the most performed operation in the scope of aesthetic surgery is nose surgery and hair transplantation.

In addition to these, Popo Aesthetics, Breast Enlargement, Shrinkage and Lifting, Abdominal Stretching, Arm Stretching, Liposuction, Non-Surgery Aesthetics, Eyelid Aesthetics, Grab Ear, Organ Transplantation and Beard Transplantation operations are also evaluated within the scope of aesthetic operation.

Although the aesthetic prices differ in each operation, the operation method you perform will be one of the important factors in price determination.

The materials used in aesthetic operations are generally personalized and are therefore single-use, so the costs are quite high and the person must pay the aesthetic operation fees because they are not accepted as part of the health insurance….

Operations, which can sometimes be included in the scope of private health insurance, are accepted only when they constitute a health problem. In this case, your agreement with your health insurance institution plays an important role.

The most decisive factor in aesthetic prices is the operation itself and the method, but the cost of the doctor and his team to perform the operation also affects the aesthetic prices.

The experience of the doctor is very important in aesthetic operations. A doctor who has worked in the field for many years cannot be compared with a newly graduated doctor's skill and knowledge. In this case, as the experience of your doctor increases and the number of successful operations is increasing, aesthetic prices increase.

Another factor that determines the price in aesthetic operations is institutions. It is as important as your doctor at the institution where you will perform the operation. In general, a full-fledged hospital, clinic, medical center or aesthetic center in the operations you will perform in the institution is charged for the service. It is a very important factor in the institution so that the doctor and his team can have the necessary equipment during the operation and to maintain your operation in the best way...

The success of all aesthetic operations depends on 80% of the doctor's and institution's competence and 20% of the patient's post-operative needs. Considering this situation, you can also evaluate the differences in aesthetic prices more clearly.

After the operation, you need to be very meticulous in choosing a doctor and institution to get what you want. You can get more information by visiting web site to realize your aesthetic operations within the scope of Barsan Tourism which pays attention to you in terms of material and spiritual aspects and be proud of your services in order to be a happier and confident individual. For more information about the operation you want to perform, you can browse through the blog section of the website and contact us via the contact form.

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