Abdominal Stretching Surgery


Abdominal stretching surgery, often after weight gain in the skin, drooping, is an operation to remove the cracks.

The abdominal region is an important region with internal organs. Deformation can be seen in this region due to the time and the poor eating habits, which is the most weighted area.

In the case of continuous weight gain over time, it loses the feature of the skin in the abdomen and causes sagging. It may cause severe sagging in the abdomen especially in cesarean deliveries and may also cause cracks.

People who may have abdominal stretching are generally fatigue in the abdomen, cracks and deformations in the skin, those with abdominal discomfort, skin excess in the abdomen.

Especially after the weight loss phase of the people who are in the weight loss stage, the tummy operation should be performed after pregnancy. It may be difficult for the patient to repeat the operations performed before pregnancy because of skin sagging and cracks.

Abdominal Stretching Surgery Methods

Methods of abdominal stretching; mini abdominal stretching and full abdominal stretching.

Mini tummy tuck surgery; It is the method applied to the patients with skin sagging and abdominal muscles deformation in the lower part of the navel. The operation performed by opening the incision from the lower part of the umbilical hole is done by opening limited cuts under general anesthesia.

Full tummy tuck surgery; It is the method applied to people who have serious openings between the abdominal muscles, severe cracks in the abdomen and skin sagging after birth.

It is also the operations aiming to clarify the fat intake and folds in the determined regions under general anesthesia. Abdominal stretching operations are performed for 2-6 hours depending on the patient's condition. Patients should be kept under control for one day after the operation and attention should be paid to possible indications.

After Abdominal Tension Surgery

After abdominal stretching, the abdominal muscles of the patients are also compressed and can feel pain due to the sutures. In this case, pain medications given under the supervision of the doctor can be used.

Postoperatively, the position of the umbilicus is re-determined and the mons pubis bump can also be shaped to the abdominal region by surgical operation. In addition, the waist curl is reconstructed after the abdominal stretching and this area is also intervened.

You can have a flat and smooth abdomen after a abdominal stretching operation, but in the healing process, you should avoid movements that force your abdominal muscles and avoid overweight.

In order to decrease the risks after abdominal stretching surgery, it is useful to reduce the consumption of cigarettes and alcohol.

In all operations, heavy exercises should be avoided after abdominal stretching.          


Selection of Institution and Doctor for Abdominal Tension Surgery

During the selection of institutions and doctors for abdominal stretching surgery, you need to make a choice between private institutions and organizations. Aesthetic and plastic surgery operations are not covered by the state health insurance institution.

The doctors they work with are also very important when choosing between private institutions and organizations. Although the private hospitals that are renowned for their names usually work with good doctors, you can choose the doctors who have a high success rate in the forefront of patient satisfaction.

Another option is to support you in your research and you can get support from the companies that provide health tourism in order to perform the abdominal stretching operation in the best institution and the doctor that suits you best.

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