Abdomen Lifting (Abdominoplasty)

Tight and flat abdomen is the proof of healthy and fit appearance for both men and women. Gain and lose weight frequently and especially in women, because of pregnancy and birth, abdomen’s esthetical appearance can be deformed.

When the lubrication is increased in abdomen and waist area, the abdomen muscles is decreased, hanging of the belly skin is increased and cracks occur abdominoplasty is in question to form abdomen aesthetics. 

During this operation, the solution of three problems is present. Abdomen muscles are tightened by repairing them. Excess lubrication around abdomen and waist area is removed and by removing excess hanged skin, tightness is provided in abdomen area. Moreover, with new belly button being created, esthetical abdomen appearance is assured. 

To have the best result on overweight patients, it is necessary to prepare a diet to reduce weight. After that the patient lose weight, operation can be planned. During the diet, operation time can be determined through close follows. 

In abdominoplasty, general anaesthesia is used and the operation lasts about two hours. The trace which will remain after the operation will be under the underwear and a little longer than caesarean section trace. In abdominoplasty, you need pass two nights in the hospital. During three days, you can have a little pain which will recover with painkillers and won’t prevent your activities. 

After a week of operation, you can return to your daily life. After a month, you can renew your wardrobe. 

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